Mortgage advice you can trust

Finding the right mortgage can seem a little daunting when there are so many lenders to choose from. That’s why we offer the services of an independent financial advisor who deals solely with new home mortgages. They will guide you through the wide range of mortgages available and their differing interest rates, and help you find the most suitable repayment terms for you.

How is this service provided for free?

The mortgage advisor’s role is to find the best mortgage offer for your budget and circumstances. While you don’t pay a fee for this directly, the mortgage advisor will be paid by the lender. Their advice is independent, professional and regulated by the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 – so you’re in safe hands.

Is it just for first-time buyers?

Not at all – this service is useful for anyone looking to buy a new home, regardless of your spot on the property ladder. New homes mortgage specialists have access to mortgage rates that other brokers may not be able to secure for you, so their advice is invaluable. Plus, it’s absolutely free.