Ten Great Reasons

Ten great reasons why buying a new Westpoint home is best for you

1      Building standards      

Whilst the standard of building in the UK has never been better, we continue to invest time and resources, beyond industry standards, into the quality and design of our homes resulting in improved energy efficiency.

2      Fixed price

Buying a new home ensures that you get the property you want at a fixed price, resulting in no closing date which is associated with buying a second hand property.

3       Brand new

You have a beautiful home where everything is new and if you purchase your new property at an early build stage, you have a “blank canvas” allowing you to create a truly individual home by selecting your own kitchen units, bathroom tiles and wall colours. It also eliminates the need to do any DIY work allowing you to spend time doing the things you enjoy.

4      Designed to suit your lifestyle

Over the years research has proved that 17% of the living space in older properties often goes unused which can result in £34k of a £200k house going to waste. We have designed our properties to provide flexible living space, whatever your requirements be it single, couples, growing families or retirees.

5      Your safety in mind

All new homes are designed to adhere to the high building standards relating to every aspect of construction which includes structure ventilation, sound insulation, electrical and fire safety providing the peace of mind that you are living in a safe and secure environment.

6      Westpoint Homes high specification

Our properties are built to a very high specification with many features included “as standard” such as fitted kitchens and appliances from leading manufacturers, en-suites to master bedrooms and downstairs cloakrooms / wc’s. Complying with the current building regulations, all of our properties include the latest heating systems, wall and loft insulation.

7      Energy efficiency

Research shows that new homes are sixty times more energy efficient and generate over 60% less C02 emissions than older properties, therefore as new home owners you are also contributing to looking after the environment, not to mention the improved energy efficiency which also saves you money, reducing energy bills by more than £500 per year.

8      Your guarantees

Ten year NHBC (National House Builders Council) guarantee. Our homes are insured with a ten year NHBC guarantee providing you with peace of mind which you don’t get if you buy a second hand property. During the build process, NHBC inspections take place ensuring that all our homes meet the exact NHBC high standards of build quality.

9      Building new communities 

Our relentless pursuit of “Design Excellence” not only applies to designing our fantastic homes. Our new neighbourhoods are designed to make the most of the streetscapes and landscape areas providing ‘kerb appeal’ resulting in the developments having a “sense of place”.   It’s not just our customers who love our homes – many of our developments have won top industry awards.

10     The personal touch and our commitment to you

At each stage of your journey, we are committed to keeping in touch and informing you of each phase of the build programme. Our Site Managers role is to ensure that all aspects of your new home are built to our exacting standards and is inspected at the key stages by a NHBC inspector, ensuring that it meets the Building Regulation Standards required for a high standard of quality.