Own your home with a 5% deposit

Help to Buy (Scotland) is a Scottish Government initiative. It’s designed to help eligible first-time buyers and existing homeowners buy a brand new property. It works by helping buyers with their deposit. This allows buyers to to secure a mortgage up to 80% or 85% of the property’s value, but with only a 5% deposit.

How does it work?

The scheme is for selected new build homes up to the value of £200,000.

If you apply, you fund 85% of the purchase price using a mortgage, plus any deposit your lender asks for.

The remaining purchase cost is provided by the Scottish Government, up to 15% of your home’s market value. The Scottish Government will hold a second charge on the property, and own a 15% equity share in your home. There is no interest to pay on the equity share.

How do I know if Help to Buy is right for me?

It all depends on your circumstances. If you’d like to find out more about the Help to Buy scheme, speak to one of our on-site sales consultants, or ask your mortgage advisor.

Save for that deposit

You could be closer to saving your deposit than you think. Call us on 0800 587 1118 to find out how you apply for Help to Buy Scotland.