21 February 2011

Rawcliffe Estate Sales Office set to open!

Westpoint Homes will shortly open a sales office just off Mansionhouse Road as construction works progress on the prestigious Rawcliffe Estate site.  The sales cabin will accommodate a resident sales team 7 days a week and will be open from 11am to 530pm.  Within the sales suite, there will be various pieces of sales and marketing literature, a scaled model of the entire Rawcliffe Estate showing the existing Grade-B listed house, the new build blocks and the green spaces within the walled garden, not to mention marketing brochures for the homes within Rawcliffe House and the new build apartments.  There will also be various specification items to give current and potential clients an opportunity to better visualise the quality of fixtures and fittings earmarked for the project.  There will also be a viewing deck built to allow existing and new clients an opportunity to see the site from within!

We envisage that the sales centre will open on or around the 5th March 2011.  Should you wish to book an appointment, feel free to contact our Head Office on 0141 644 2223 Monday to Friday (8.30am to 5.30pm)