17 June 2011

Part Exchange Pledge

For a LIMITED PERIOD ONLY, househunters will be given a golden opportunity to take the hassle out of moving home thanks to Westpoint Homes’ PART EXCHANGE PLEDGE at The Beeches, Greenloaning.

With the first phase of Westpoint Homes’ coveted The Beeches development in Greenloaning (by Dunblane) nearing completion, two 4-bedroom Knaik house styles will be available on a part exchange basis meaning that you can get into your brand new home sooner than you think.

The advantages to part exchange are clear for all to see.  With part exchange there is no need to get your home valued at your own expense.  There is no need to spend money on creating that “wow” factor on your existing home to make it sell that little bit quicker.  There is no need to pay estate agency fees, nor is there a need to be constantly available at short notice to carry out untimely home viewings.  With part exchange, all of the stress is removed and instead you can focus all your attention on your new home and lifestyle that lies ahead!

At Westpoint Homes we believe in absolute transparency and reliable communications.  So if you were interested in part exchnage we would quite literally do all the work involved on your behalf. Firstly (if required) helping you through the mortgage process to ensure that a home move is financially viable and affordable.  In tandem, we will also view your existing home and satisfy ourselves that this would be a home that we would wish to purchase from you.  Westpoint Homes would get your home valued by two independent valuation firms (at our cost) and routinely update you on progress, giving you full access to these reports and the contents therein; most notably the valuer’s independent view on price.  We will also do any work we consider necessary in relation to maximising the marketability of your existing home should a part exchange deal be agreed.

Part exchange is all about speeding up a home move and making it as hassle-free as possible.  Of course, not every home can be considered as this offer is for a limited period only,  relates to selected plots and must work financially for both parties, but should the part exchange route make sense for you, then we would be delighted to talk more and explain the timescales and qualifying criteria.

At The Beeches, Greenloaning, prices range from £295,000 to £325,000 and with our part exchange incentive, we can only actively consider 2nd hand homes that have a lower value than your new home.  We cannot accept homes that have a value in excess of 70% of your new home’s sale/list price and we feel it prudent to highlight this so as to best manage expectations.  As an example, if you were purchasing a Knaik house style (4-bed detached at £295,000), your exisrting home could not exceed £206,500, i.e., 70% of the value of your new home.  Our sales team can explain exactly how this criteria works should you wish to learn more, suffice to say if you have a home with a value of less than or equal to £206,500, it would be prudent to speak to our sales team and talk over the advantages to a part exchange sale as quickly as possible, as history shows that part exchange deals tend to be snapped up quickly!

Please feel free to call our sales team on 01786 880 755 for further details on our PART EXCHANGE PLEDGE at The Beeches.