A night at the dogs


Westpoint Homes recently sponsored a solo exhibition by one of Scotland’s most acclaimed artists, Paul Kennedy.

Inspired by a childhood friend’s stag night out at Glasgow’s Shawfield stadium, ‘A Night at the Dogs’ was held at the Leiper Fine Art Gallery in Glasgow.

Paul came into the spotlight in 2010 having reached the final of Scotland’s prestigious Aspect Prize.  Much of his work has been inspired by Glasgow and has led to exhibitions throughout the UK.  He has also received the RGI Kelly Award and the David Cargill Award.

‘A Night at the Dogs’ featured a collection of  more than 30 iconic paintings all centering around a night out at Glasgow’s famous and Scotland’s last remaining, greyhound race track, to celebrate his friend, Alasdair Middleton’s stag night, along with six other school friends.

The works, some of which are 5 ft (150cm) high, provide an insight into the track, including various detailed paintings of the dogs, to punters placing bets, visitors propping up the bar, the trainers, dog handlers and even one of Paul and his friends.

Paul, who works from a studio in the Merchant City, explains, “I always photograph events and occasions when I’m out and about and didn’t originally set out to create a collection of paintings from Alasdair’s night out.  But the more I looked at them and researched Shawfield and its really iconic position in Glasgow and the varied lives of people who visit the dog track, the more I became seduced by its appeal.

“It’s given me a great opportunity to tackle one subject but in more detail that I would usually do, capturing one evening but from so many different aspects.  It also marked an end of an era, not just for Alasdair who was about to embark on an exciting new chapter of his life, but also a kind of goodbye to the past as the group of friends, who all came together through school, have all moved on and don’t keep in touch.

“You don’t need to have an interest in greyhounds to enjoy the exhibition as it’s more an insight into Glaswegians and city landmarks.”

A long-time admirer of Paul’s work, Stephen Cullis, Chairman, Westpoint Homes added, “Paul’s is a very talented and established artist and I am always impressed at how he manages to capture and interpret Glasgow and its people through everyday situations.”

Further details on Paul’s work can be found at www.paulkennedyart.com.