Consumer Code

At Westpoint Homes we are committed to the Consumer Code for Home Builders and take the good-practice guidance seriously, thus committing us to:

A consistent, transparent and friendly approach to customer service and customer care.
The creation of sales and marketing literature that is reliable and accurate.
Ensuring that clear guidance is given to all of our customers on what exactly is involved in purchasing a new home prior to the purchase decision being made.

All our Sales Advisors are very familiar with the Consumer Code, a copy of which is always on display within our various Sales Offices and which can be made available to you on request.

By endorsing the Code’s good-practice, the team at Westpoint Homes are focused on making sure that any purchase decision made by you is an informed one, based on a clear understanding of the reservation process, the home warranty cover, the implications of property management / factoring, and the standards to which your home is being built. If purchasing off plan, you can be assured that all floor plans and marketing materials which explains the layout and size of your new home and scope of fixtures and fittings incporated in your new home will be very accurate to the extent that it can be wholly relied upon.

The Essential New Home Guide booklet that we produce for each and every home buyer dovetails perfectly with the Consumer Code since our in-house Guide will advise you on where to direct questions pre-purchase, during construction and post completion of your new home. Also, our reservation procedure and associated reservation forms have been designed to tie in with the Code’s good-practice guidance and our after-sale commitment to you is clearly documented.

Further information can be obtained from Consumer Code website