The Buying Process Explained

The buying process explained

  • Once you have decided on your preferred Westpoint Home, our sales consultant will take you through the reservation procedure this can be done either in the sales office or by telephone.
  • The sales consultant will complete a reservation form with you which will provide full details of your new home, your solicitors details along with Westpoint Homes solicitors details.
  • Please contact your solicitor once you have completed the reservation advising them of this and advising them that a copy of your reservation form and our missives will be forwarded to them from Westpoint Homes solicitors, please also make them aware of the deadline for the missives to be returned and the anticipated entry date for your new home.
  • Should you not have a solicitor in place at this time our sales consultant will provide details of a recommended solicitor.
  • We can also recommend an independent financial adviser who specialises in new home mortgages to help you find the right mortgage to suit your personal requirements.
  • Our sales consultant will provide details on factors, if applicable, for your development along with estimated costs associated with them. The factor manages the daily maintenance of the development such as landscaping and repairs.
  • The sales consultant will then make a convenient appointment for you to attend your IGM (Information Giving Meeting) where you will meet with the sales consultant and site manager to view all relevant drawings for your new home and the development. They will discuss the information checklist (part 2 of your reservation form) to ensure that we have furnished you with clear information.
  • From the date of your reservation, you have two weeks to conclude the missive on your new Westpoint Home.

Missive procedure

Our solicitor will forward our missive for the property direct to your chosen solicitor. Your solicitor will then review this missive and will arrange a meeting with you to sign the document. Your solicitor will then return the missive to our solicitor at which time your deposit will be due.

Your move your choices

With missives now concluded and your deposit paid, our New Homes Co-ordinator will invite you to the sales office to make the colour selections for your new home. The timescale for this consultation will vary depending on the build programme of your home.

If the property you have reserved is still under construction, our New Homes Co-ordinator will call and arrange an appointment with you to make you colour choices and any "optional extras” you may wish to purchase. Our New Homes Co-ordinator will advise you of the “cut off dates” for any choices at the outset as any delay in meeting this date may delay the entry date for your new home. In extreme circumstances we may have to make the selections on your behalf.

If the property you have reserved is a completed home, the kitchen and bathroom choices may have already been selected and installed, please check with sales consultant for information.

Now for the fun part! You can choose from our wide selection of kitchen units and worktops, bathroom and en-suite wall tiling and paint colours for walls. This is your opportunity to make your home your own.

Our New Homes Co-ordinator will also be available to advise you on any "optional extras" you may wish to purchase from us for your home.  These options can include remote control garage doors, kitchen upgrades, flooring, electrical fittings etc.

Westpoint Homes is renowned for offering a wide range of choices to ensure that every single home we build is unique.

Feel free to bring along fabric samples magazines with decor ideas for inspiration. You may also wish to bring along a friend for that all important second opinion.

Please note that full payment for any optional extras chosen must be paid at time of ordering allowing us to process your order.

The availability of optional extras is subject to the build programme for your property therefore the earlier you make your selections the more options you have.

Once you have completed your selections, our New Homes Co-ordinator will complete your order and request that you sign it confirming that the selections are correct.


Keeping you Informed

We will always keep you up to date with the progress of your new home.

At the reservation stage, we will always provide you with an indication of when your new home will be ready.  The construction industry is subject to many uncertainties beyond our control such as weather conditions, unpredictable hazards found on site etc, which can delay the build.   This can make the prediction of dates very difficult until the later stages of construction.

When the building becomes wind and watertight and the services are connected the uncertainties diminish, making it easier to predict completion dates.

However, it is only when construction is at an advanced stage that we can we can accurately estimate your entry date.

We do recognise that you require, at all times, our best estimate of this to enable you to plan the sale of your existing home and/or make arrangements for alternative accommodation.

We have devised a process to enable us to provide you with reliable information of the construction of your new home and at key stages of its construction, our best estimate of its timing for completion.

The estimated completion date at the outset of any site is broad during the early stages and you will be given a calendar quarter when we expect to have your house handed over (e.g. 1st ¼ Jan/Feb/March). This ‘window’ will narrow as the construction stages progress until we are able to give you a final and confirmed date at least seven days prior to your completion, at which time we will serve notice to your solicitor to legally complete the document.

Please note that the only time that we can provide a firm date is when all the necessary NHBC and Building control certificates are in place (which should be at least seven days prior to your entry date) and we can then serve notice to your solicitor with your confirmed entry date. ALL dates given prior to this are our best estimates only and are subject to change.

Our Sales Consultants on site will be keeping you up to date on the progress of construction and your estimated completion date. Please channel all requests regarding timings through our Sales Consultant as only information provided by them should be relied upon. Any timings given to you by other members of staff are to be considered as expressions of opinion only.

Below is an indication of the way in which the completion timings of your property are forecast. This is a general overview and will vary according to the nature of each development and the surrounding infrastructure, communal areas and facilities associated with each site.

  • When we forecast that the roof is completed and the property is made wind and watertight you will be given an anticipated two month window.
  • When the property is plaster boarded and floors are laid a one month window will be forecast.
  • Once the services have been tested and commissioned and decoration begins ‘a week ending’ will be forecast (e.g. week ending Friday 30th April). This will usually be forecast four to six weeks ahead.
  • At least seven days in advance of your completion date a final confirmed completion date will be provided.

Subject to the scale of the development there will probably be final communal areas to be completed after you have moved into your home such as landscaping and planting which are affected by the seasons. Final surfacing to the roadways and boundary fences/walls may also be required.

We will endeavour to keep these works to a minimum and provide you with a safe clean access to your home, as well as provide maximum use of the surrounding areas.